Workshop Report

A workshop report will summarize the findings of the workshop for use by other community planning efforts (e.g. FESAC strategic planning, NAS plasma decadal study, etc.) and stimulate support by funding agencies to meet these goals. 

To complete the report promptly, input from the scientific community is requested before the workshop. A collaborative file-sharing site will be used to collect inputs from workshop participants and interested community members who may not be able to attend. The file-sharing site folder structure reflects the workshop report structure. SRN and TRN panel co-leaders will contact participants to confirm their participation, explain plans for their breakout sessions, and invite them to the file-sharing site. Inputs from anyone who does not attend will be accepted, but someone in attendance must be prepared to represent the material.

Inputs for compelling science and technology research and development scientific (goals and first-day experiments) are solicited in two formats:

  1. Quad-chart: single-slide “quad charts” summarizing proposed cases will be discussed and refined at the workshop.
  2. Two-page (max) white paper: white papers corresponding to the quad-charts will provide raw material for preparing the workshop report. Ideally, both formats will be provided for review by all participants to prepare for the workshop.

Templates for quad-chart and white-paper inputs are provided in a subfolder titled “Instructions & Templates.”

Topical panel (breakout session) co-leaders will review inputs and coordinate materials to enable productive discussions at the workshop.

Deadline for uploading inputs to file-sharing site: March 15, 2019